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Boutique Business for Sale - :1029

Siem Reap: Boutique Business for Sale included 30000$ deposit with 5 years more lease and rental fee: 5000$ per month. 26 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, 26 hot waters, 16 A/Cs, Some fans,1 lobby, 1 kitchen, 1 restaurant, balcony, garden, pool and parking space. Location: Salakomreuk Sangkat Siem Reap Province.

Business for sale - :0912

SIEM REAP: Hotel business for sale with 19 bedrooms (11 Deluxe double rooms, 6 Deluxe Twin rooms, 1 Deluxe Triple room, 1 Deluxe Quadruple room 1) 20 bathrooms,19 hot waters 19 A/Cs, some fans, 1 lobby, 1 restaurant and bar (30 seats), balcony, garden, swimming pool and parking space. Other Option for rent - From July 2023 and rental fee: $2,250/month - From August 2023 to July 2028 and rental fee: $3,000/month - Sale included: $27,000 deposit . -Value of inventory: 18000$ Location close to the old market.

Business for sale - :CRG 0710

Business for sale included 12,000$ deposit with fully furniture. Inside have 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 11 hot water 11 A/Cs, fan, living room, kitchen, dining room, balcony, garden and parking space. It’s located at at Slokram commune near Sofitel Angkor hotel.

USD40,000 (negotiable)
Business for sale - :CRG 0709

The guesthouse business for sale includes 42000$ deposit,the rental fee is 3500$ per month, the rental contract is left 9 years and 6 more months with 24 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 24 hot waters, 24 A/Cs, some fans, lobby, kitchen, restaurant, balcony, garden and parking space. It’s located in Vihea chen, Svaydangkum commune.

Business for sale - :CRG 0797

The Hotel business for sale has been running in good location and not far from old market area with fully furnished 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 9 hot waters, 9 A/Cs, some fans, lobby, kitchen, restaurant, balcony, garden, parking space and pool. Sale includes deposit 14,000$, the rental fee is 2,100$ per month and the left contract is 09 more years. It’s located at Svaydangkum commune.

Business for sale - :CRG 0779

The boutique Business for sale included 4,800$ deposit, Jeep, Trailer & Scooter, generator and all equipment which has 7 bedrooms, bathtub, 8 bathrooms, 7 hot waters, 7 A/Cs, many fans, lobby, kitchen, restaurant bar, balconies, garden, parking space, 1 massage room and salt pool. The lease contract until 2029 and mentioning the rental fee is 400USD per month until 31-March-2018,the next rental fee is 450USD per month until 31-March-2023 and the last rental fee is 600USD per month until 31-March-2029,the range price is 63USD to 105USD per night in high season and low season is 30% to 50% which it’s located at Svaydangkum commune 1.5 km away from old market.

USD180,000 (negotiable)
Business for sale - :CRG 0768

The hotel business for sale in good location and not far old market area which has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 5 hot waters, 5 A/Cs, some fans, lobby, garden and pool. The hotel business for sale included: 6,000$ deposit and some equipment with 12 more years contract until 2030. The rental fee of 1,000 USD per month for 7 years until 2025 and rental fee of 1,100 USD per month for the next 5 years until 2030.

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