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Hotel for Rent - :1012

Fully furnished Hotel for rent in town with 24 bedrooms, 25 bathroom, 25 hot waters, some fans, 24 Air-conditions, lobby,1 kitchen, 1 Restaurant, 1 balcony and parking space. Location: in Taphul Road, Siem Reap Province.

Hotel for Rent - :0978

Fully furnished Hotel for rent with 14 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 14 hot showers, 14 A/Cs, some fan, 14 Kitchens, 14, balconies, garden and parking space. Location in kaksekam village Sangkat Sronge, Siem Reap

USD2,500/month (Negotiable)
Hotel for rent - :CRG 0809

Fully furnished hotel in heart of town for rent with 15 bedrooms, 12 bathtub, 16 bathrooms, hot water, A/C, lobby, dining room, balcony, garden, parking space and pool. It’s located at Svaydangkum commune.

USD5,000 /month
Hotel for rent - :CRG 0750

The fully furnished hotel for rent has 70 bedrooms, 70 bathtubs, 72 bathrooms, 70 hot waters, 72 A/Cs,1 elevator,2 conference rooms ( big conference room for 200 people & small conference room for 100 people) some fans, lobby, kitchen, restaurant,all rooms with balconies and parking space. It’s located in Slorkram commune.

USD6,000/month (Rented)
Hotel for rent - :CRG 0753

Hotel for rent which has 26 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms, 32 hot waters,hot waters, 26 A/Cs, 26 fans, 1 lobby, kitchen, restaurant, balcony, garden,pool and parking space. It’s located at Salakomreuk commune.

USD10,000/month (Negotiable)
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